.This site offers advice & good products to use for the best results tryed and true .

On this site we are attempting to advice people on good ways to grow  and not get caught Up in all the problems which are out there .

we dont indorse the use of drugs or any other ilegal substances . if you are under 18 please leave the site now Thank You :

we will show you how to start up , and how to build a box or room for thè best results .

how to look after it as it grows : 

how to tackel bugs and molds  which will attack its just a matter of when :

soils to use and feeding products that work : 

harvesting & drying : 

Hi there folks I’m the green smurf here to help you with all your growing needs .

Bruce Banner   AKA the incredible hulk . 

The latest to hit nz its a really good smoke smooth and with a punch .

If you get the chance to try some i would highly recomend it .

the green smurf ....

Try This you may well be impressed 

BRUCE BANNER . Ready to go BB looks good smells good and bygum it is good . The green smurf says yes a big tick to the makers of BB .